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Council Meeting: December 12, 2023

A regular meeting of the members of the Roselawn Community Council was held on December 12, 2023 at 7:30 p.m., at Our Mothers of Sorrows.

President Paul Probst called the meeting to order. New attendees introduced themselves.

Approval of Minutes

Upon a motion duly made and seconded, the minutes of the November 14, 2002, meeting of the members were approved without change.

Fire Report

Lt. Prather reported that there were 100 runs in Roselawn during the month of November, with only one serious fire. He reminded everyone of the availability of smoke and carbon monoxide detectors at the fire station.

Police Report

Spec. Dukes provided written crime information and focused his presentation on robberies. Although Roselawn has not had a financial institution robbery in all of 2002, robberies of individuals have escalated throughout Cincinnati, including Roselawn, and Roselawn now has had the same overall number of robberies in Roselawn during 2002 as in 2001. Spec. Dukes provided training in how to describe a robber and used examples within the room.

Neighborhood Support Program

Tricia Davis reported that our NSP proposal for 2003 was approved by Invest in Neighborhoods, but we needed one more vote from the members for Invest. Invest now requires that each neighborhood have a designated individual elected by the membership to be responsible for conveying to Invest any informal amendments to an original NSP proposal. Chuck Lewis explained the need and ability to submit informal amendments. Upon a motion made by Steve Kirschner and seconded, the vote was 14 in favor and one abstention to appoint Tricia Davis as such designee.

Leonard Kirschner then made a motion to require any NSP informal amendments in excess of $150 to be presented to the membership for approval. Although discussion ensued, the motion failed for lack of a second.

Public Library

Steve Kirschner and Paul Probst discussed the fact that the Roselawn branch of the Public Library has not renewed its lease and is, therefore, on a month-to-month tenancy. They urged residents to use the Library and also make it known that we want the Library to renew its lease and stay in Roselawn.

Meetings of the Library Board are held on the second Monday of each month at 9:00 a.m. in the main branch of the Library, third floor.


Nancy Sunnenberg described a grant submitted by the RCC, upon approval of the Trustees, that would result in the RCC owning a sawmill that we hope will be used by City and possibly County employees to cut good lumber from City and County trees for sale to a variety of users. Issues still being researched were discussed.

Committee Reports

Business: Cindy Shafer reported that the Summit Plaza had been sold to a new owner, who reportedly does not want to interact with the RCC and intends to eliminate the police detail that has been working at the Plaza. Steve Kirschner reported that a new vegetarian restaurant, Udipi, has opened on Reading Road next to the Valley Shopping Center, and that the Sunoco just across the City boundary in Reading is being sold and might become the subject of a liquor license application.

Education: Leonard Kirschner reported that special needs children at Roselawn Condon School are getting more assistance. There is a problem with a lack of parental involvement.

Law & Safety: Reggie Boggs reported that the Law & Safety Committee will be having a big organizational meeting in January and that we need more members.

Membership: Ruby Metts reported that she and Maureen Royle are working on redesigning the RCC brochure.

Newsletter Mary Donaldson reported that she and Sonya Kirkland are once again working together on the newsletter and that articles for the next issue should be submitted by December 27.

Walking Track: Nancy Sunnenberg reported that Keep Cincinnati Beautiful will sponsor a Xavier University competition for the design of park benches that will be built from City trees. The winning design will be used to create five benches, which we hope to auction off to people who will donate them to Roselawn Park, the funds from which will be used to start a fund for the walking track.

There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned.


Cynthia A. Shafer, Secretary

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