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    The Roselawn Community Council, Inc. ("RCC") is a non-profit corporation recognized by the City of Cincinnati, Ohio, as representing the interests of Roselawn. The recognition of the RCC by the City means that the City will seek the advice of the RCC on certain matters to be decided by the City and that the RCC is eligible to receive City funding for projects that benefit Roselawn.

    Mailing Address: 
       P.O. Box 37087
       Cincinnati, OH  45222

    Phone:  513-821-8918 (please leave message on answering machine)

    You may also email any of the officers or trustees listed here with questions or concerns about Roselawn.

    Each May, the RCC membership elects trustees and officers. These individuals serve on a voluntary basis (without compensation) and call meetings of the members, organize activities and efforts of the RCC and perform numerous administrative tasks on behalf of the neighborhood.

    All residents, property owners and businesses and organizations located in Roselawn are invited and encouraged to become members in the RCC.

    General membership meetings are held the second Thursday of each month(except August) at 7:30 pm in the library of Our Mother of Sorrows School 1845 Larchwood Place. Meetings are open to the general public.

    Current officers: 

    • Paul Probst, President
    • Steven Kirschner, Exec. Vice President
    • Lorie Buxton, Secretary
    • Charles Lewis, Treasurer

    Current Trustees: 

    • Alycia Boggs
    • Lorie Buxton
    • Tricia Davis
    • Habtu Ghebre-Ab 
    • Tamara Johnson
    • Clifford Jones
    • Dan Joyner 
    • Rick Menefield
    • Hogarth Merrick
    • Maureen Royle
    • Cynthia Shafer
    • Nancy Sunnenberg

    Committee Chairs:  

    • Reginald Boggs (Law & Safety)
    • Roy Jones (Business Association)
    • Mary Donaldson (Newsletter)
    • Sonya Kirkland (Newsletter)
    • Lorie Buxton (Website)
    • Tricia Davis (NSP Manager)
    • Vacant (Youth)
    • Gary Moffett (Litter)
    • Maureen Royle (Membership)
    • Cynthia Shafer (Law & Safety)
    • Nancy Sunnenberg (Beautification)


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    P.O. Box 37087 - Cincinnati, Ohio 45222
    Phone: 513-821-8918 (please leave message on answering machine)
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