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    Roselawn is a racially, religiously, and culturally diverse neighborhood within the City of Cincinnati. It is located centrally within Hamilton County.

    Roselawn's central location allows quick access to downtown, Xavier University, University of Cincinnati, Greater Cincinnati Airport and most other locations of interest in and around Cincinnati. The access is made possible by Roselawn's close proximity to northbound and southbound Interstate 75, as well as eastbound and westbound Ronald Reagan/Cross County Highway and the Norwood Lateral, both of which connect to Interstate 71.

    Roselawn is a self-contained, well-balanced, self-supporting neighborhood with a retail business district, substantial amounts of office space, and medium-sized manufacturing and distribution companies providing significant employment. Residentially, the tree-lined streets provide access to lovely single-family houses and a number of apartment buildings, most of which are four-family buildings.

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