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Council Meeting: March 13, 2024

A meeting of the members of The Roselawn Community Council, Inc. was held on March 13, 2003, at Our Mother of Sorrows in Roselawn at 7:30 p.m. President Paul Probst called the meeting to order.

Approval of Minutes

The minutes of the February meeting of the members were unavailable for review.

Fire Report

Lt. Mueller provided a report of Fire Department activity in Roselawn during the month of February, reported that the spring servicing of fire hydrants was underway and warned about the dangers of leaving food on the stove unattended.


Mr. Probst and others passed on assorted announcements.

Police Report

Spec. Charles Dukes provided crime statistics for the month of February and discussed block watches. He then introduced Luda Kagan, who works at the F.R.E.E. Russian Center. She talked about issues facing our Russian immigrant community, most of whom are elderly, including a desire for better lighting on the streets and more benches. Spec. Dukes then talked about various complaints he had received, drug dealing on Stillwell, the assistance he receives from so many people in Roselawn, and the upcoming liquor license hearing with respect to the application by Julius Emetu for carryout permits for 7895 Reading Road.

Abe Ashishi spoke about his opposition to the liquor permit application by Mr. Emetu, discussing from his own experience the difficulty of preventing illegal activity at carryouts. Mr. Emetu then spoke about his past, his business and clientele and his desire to sell specialty imported beers at his African Market. Steve Kirschner explained the decision of the Board of Trustees to object to Mr. Emetuļæ½s application on the basis of oversaturation.

Councilmember Cranley

Councilmember John Cranley discussed the 2003-2004 City of Cincinnati budget and the need to address the deficit, his focus on basic services and the increase to Recreation. Residents asked him questions regarding what happened to the $2 million paid back to the City when the Post Office plan was cancelled (most was spent in other neighborhoods, some still remains available for the Roselawn/Bond Hill area); what plans exist for the Anthem money set aside for spending in the Roselawn/Bond Hill area at the request of Councilmember Reese (nothing yet to his knowledge); and what will happen with Huntington Meadows (nothing concrete has come to his attention, only rumors). Mr. Cranley also discussed TIFF districts and offered to facilitate the creation of a TIFF in Roselawn. Mr. Cranley also fielded questions regarding the amount of low-income housing in Roselawn (Roselawn and Bond Hill have done their fair share); the status of English Woods (currently a huge battle); whether there were cuts in health care (not really); City Manager staffing (she has not increase the number); and his views on the school levy (in favor).

As the meeting had already run long, committee chairs present agreed to omit committee reports. There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned.



Cynthia A. Shafer, Secretary


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