Money on Chain launched a decentralised exchange at RSK Bitcoin Sidechain

Bitcoin-guaranteed DeFi protocol developer Money on Chain has announced the launch of an automated decentralized exchange, Tex, based on the RSK protocol.

According to Money on Chain representatives, the new platform is distinguished by its own unique approach to the order book.

The platform processes orders in batches at intervals of several minutes. Each execution (cycle) corresponds to the orders sent to the block-office.

A deal in the cycle is executed at the same average price between all orders submitted by Crypto Comeback pro. Limits indicate the maximum or minimum acceptable price.

Oracles are also integrated into Tex to control price changes between cycles.

In 2019, Money on Chain launched a DeFi platform based on RSK Bitcoin SideChein for the creation of leasing products.

What are SideCheins?

In April 2020, a project based in Uruguay introduced the RIF on Chain platform with three interacting tokens produced by the RSK network.