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The Roselawn Youth program provides educational and recreational oppotunities for children who reside in Roselawn or who attend Roselawn-Condon School .

The Youth Program was started in 1991 as a grassroots initiative designed to create protective factors for the youth of Roselawn. In the modern urban environment, these factors are not as prevalent as in the past. Today, the Roselawn Youth Program is a beacon not only for youth but also the businesses, residents and organizations of the Roselawn area. Together, we are creating a network of protective factors that will enable Roselawn to continue to be a healthy place to live, work and grow.

The Youth Committee is responsible to the Roselawn Community Council Trustees.

It provides:
� Resource Development
� Lobbying

The committee has successfully obtained numerous grants to fund the program including a United Way Agency designation.

Current Members:

  • Dan Joyner, Chairperson
  • Jim Miller, Pastor - Roselawn Lutheran Church
  • Tom Ohren, Jewish Community Center
  • Charles Dukes, Cincinnati Police Department
  • Louise Stalnaker, Roselawn Business Association
  • Roger Collins, Roselawn Resident
  • Carole Douglas, Cincinnati Recreation Department
  • Alice Abrams, Jewish Human Relations
  • Ed Burdell, Applied Information Resources
  • Robin Woods, Roselawn Resident
  • Gary Schreiber, Program Service Director

The Advisory Team provides supervision and performance assessments for the staff and programs. Even though the Youth Program is a community driven program, quality management remains an important aspect. The composition of the Advisory Team is built upon the assets possessed by members of the Roselawn Community. Each month the Advisory Team meets to measure the performance of all aspects of the program. Advisory Team members also use their expertise to work directly with new and current program initiatives.

The current staff has been with the Youth Program since 1991.

Service Director: Gary Schreiber

Gary worked with the youth program as a volunteer for over 5 years while working a full time job as an agency executive. Following his retirement, he was hired as the program service director. He has used his social work background to bring innovation and focus to the various program areas.

Out Reach Staff: Shelly Davis, Jamie Davis

Shelly and Jamie bring an indigenous theme to the program. Like Gary Schreiber, Jamie started as a volunteer. Well known to many residents, businesses and organizations, Jamie provides an excellent role model to all members of the community. Both Shelly and Jamie spend time with youth and families during program activities, in their homes and on the streets. Intermittent Staff: Additional staff is hired based on program event needs. These individuals are usually youth who have been participants in the program and who have graduated from high school. Some are in college and others are employed. These young people are committed to the community of Roselawn and have a keen sense of what it means to give.

Volunteers: Parents, residents and organizations volunteer to assist with program activities. The athletic program is operated entirely by volunteers. The Youth Committee is always seeking ways to increase volunteer participation from the residents, organizations and businesses in the Roselawn area. Volunteering offers an excellent opportunity to get to know the youth and families in the community. It also offers individuals from Roselawn a chance to use their many gifts and talents for the common good of the community. To volunteer, contact Gary Schreiber: [email protected]

Beginning in 1995, through consultation with faculty from Miami University (Ohio) and the University of Cincinnati, the School Connector Program was added as a youth program component. The School Connector Program is designed to service children in grades 4 through 8 who are referred by their teachers. Each week students meet with the Youth Program Service Director to review the previous week of school. They also set personal goals for the next week. In partnership with the Roselawn Lutheran Church, students are able to attend it's after school program. Through a grant obtained by the community council youth committee, certified teachers are paid to provide tutoring to the school connector students.

Graduate and undergraduate level teaching students from Xavier University (Ohio) and their Department of Special Ed. Chairperson, Dr. Sharon Merrill joined the program in 1997. Currently, Xavier students gather data for research and evaluation and assist the students with their class work.

The School Connector Program was featured in The Clearing House Vol. 73 No. 2, 1999 an education journal. The article is entitled "Roselawn: A Community Regaining Its Youth"

In most cases, school connector students participate in all components of the youth program. This component is designed to develop the total child where education is grounded not only in the school but also in the family and the entire community.

This year the Roselawn Youth Program Athletics had three girl's softball teams. Ages 8 and under, ages 12 and under and ages 14 and under. The Roselawn Condon School ball fields served as home field for "The Lady Blue Birds".


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