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7617 Reading Road

The Roselawn Business Association ("RBA") is a committee of the Roselawn Community Council comprised of representatives of businesses and organizations located in Roselawn.

This group seeks to ensure the attractiveness of Roselawn as a place for doing business, by both maintaining the success of existing entities and recruiting new businesses to the community.

Currently, the RBA is working as part of the Reading Road task force on ways of revitalizing Roselawn's business district and improving the cleanliness of properties along and near Reading Road, the major north-south artery that runs through the Roselawn business district.

The Roselawn Business Association has also been participating in the Seymour Avenue Business District Redevelopment Strategy Plan. This effort was initiated by the City of Cincinnati in an effort to establish the Seymour Avenue business corridor as a regional hub of business and recreational activity.

For more information on how you can participate or why Roselawn is an attractive place for locating your business, contact:

Roy Jones
Phone: 821-7000

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