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Ahimsa Bibliography for Non-violence

from the collection of the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County

327.172092 qK26 1998
Peacemakers: winners of the Nobel Peace Prize
Ann T Keene
362.829209 qS655 2002
Incidence of family violence in Hamilton County: a collaborative approach to understanding family violence in our community.
Nancy A. Smith
327.172092 S377 1994
Women of peace: Nobel Peace Prize winners
Schraff, Anne E.
303.60973 G318 2002
Confronting violence: answers to questions about the epidemic destroying America's homes and communities
George A.Gellert
327.172092 qB658 1994
People of peace
Rose Blue
362.7 C7341 2002
Community interventions to create change in children
Lorna London
362.82923 B213 2004
When Dad Hurts Mom: Helping your children heal the wounds of witnessing abuse
Lundy Bancroft
364.40835 qC858 2001
The courage to change: A teen survival guide
Brenda Zosky Proulx
303.608309 P967 2004
Murder is no accident: Understanding and preventing youth violence in America
Deborah Prothrow-Stith
303.6 R643 2001
Safe teen: Powerful alternatives to violence
Anita Roberts
373.158 B938 2003
Bullying, peer harassment, and victimization in the schools: the next generation of prevention
Maurice J Elias
371.782097 G239 2001
Keeping American schools safe: A handbook for parents, students, educators, law enforcement personnel and the community
Anne Garrett
371.782 W515 2003
The respectful school: how educators and students can conquer hate and harassment
Stephen Wessler
372.11024 qO82 2001
Settle conflicts right now! : A step-by-step guide for K-6 classrooms
Jan Osier
658.473 R727 2003
Preventing and responding to violence at work
Kimberly Ann Rogers
371.780973 K73 2001
Prevention that works: A guide for developing school-based drug and violence prevention programs
Cynthia Knowles
371.58 F899b 2003
Bullies, targets & witnesses: helping children break the chain
SuEllen Fried
371.58 qR567 2001
Stop the bullying: a handbook for teachers
Ken Rigby
303.6 W423 2003
Common shock: witnessing violence every day: how we are harmed, how we can heal
Kathy Weingarten
362.8292 G429 2001
You and violence in your family
John Giacobello
371.782 C719 2003
The bully, the bullied, and the bystander: from preschool to high school: how parents and teachers can help break the cycle of violence.
Barbara Coloroso
371.782097 Q1 2000
Staying safe at school: what you need to know
Chester Quarles
362.880973 G559 2003
The role of helping professionals in treating victims and perpetrators of violence
Morley Glicken
362.82927 S253 2000
Teaching to transcend: educating women against violence
Cheryl L. Sattler
371.58 S551 2002
Your child: Bully or victim? : understanding and ending schoolyard tyranny
Peter Sheras
303.60835 qH667 2000
Understanding the human volcano: what teens can do about violence
Earl Hipp
363.330973 H847 2002
How can gun violence be reduced?
Laura K. Egendorf
303.6083 K18 2000
Violence-proof your kids now: How to recognize the 8 warning signs and what to do about them
Erica Shearin Karres
371.782097 M122 2002
Threats in schools: a practical guide for managing violence
Joseph T. McCann
327.172 C653 2000
The moral architecture of world peace: Nobel laureates discuss our global future
Helena Cobban.

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