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In executing the mission of the Roselawn Community Council, to advance the quality of life in the neighborhood, the Community Council has employed a number of strategies to engage, inform, and mobilize the imagination and action of our community: business owners, their employees, and their customers, residents, and potential developers.

The following listing categorizes RCC efforts over the past few years into "Business District" and "Park." It is important to note that we see the viability and fate of the residential, business, and recreational areas as inextricably intertwined at a core level. Thus, those efforts that specifically promote the Business District without doubt contribute to the ambiance of the residential portion of the neighborhood. Likewise, Blockwatch and Beautification, and individual homeowner property care, sustain our neighborhood's positive image for customers and investors who frequent our Business District.

Public facilities like the Ball Fields at Roselawn Park draw local as well as regional guests to Roselawn. Roselawn Park contains significant potential for promoting our neighborhood as a desirable place to live, work, or visit. Thus, our ongoing investment in the space at Roselawn Park demonstrates that we view it as a critical element in defining the quality of life in Roselawn, for our residents as well as the large numbers of guests who attend tournament and championship games held at the facility. While geographically contained within Roselawn, we see and promote Roselawn Park as an important aesthetic and recreational resource for three neighborhoods: Bond Hill, Golf Manor and Roselawn.

Our purpose in publishing this information is to expand the spectrum of our informed audience, from funders and developers to individual citizens. We seek your active participation as beneficiaries and protagonists in our efforts to promote the quality of life in Roselawn.

Roselawn Business District

Neighborhood Business District Support (7/05) Approved for 2005-2006 full utilization
Purchase of Rite Aid site (2005) 2006 NBDIP Major Project
Business District Marketing Plan (2005) 2006 NBDIP Minor Project
Infrastructure Support (D&O; Policy) (2005) INVEST Neighbor Network Merit Grant
Gateway Sign Plantings (2005) Competitive grant from KCB:5/3 Bank
Repair of Gateway Sign Wall (1/05) Revocable Street Privilege
Neighborhood Business District Support (1/05) Full utilization $9000 NBD Program
Streetscape Phase I (2004) 2005 NBDIP Major Project
Boulevard on Reading Road (2004) 2005-2006 Community Priority Request
Sowing the Field of Dreams (2004) Competitive grant from KCB/UDF
Repair of Gateway Sign Wall (10/04) Revocable Street Privilege
Ahimsa Art Gallery in Business District (9/04) Multiple funding partners
Designer Bench Suite Installation (2003) Revocable Street Privilege
Rebuild of Gateway Sign Wall (2003) Revocable Street Privilege
Benches and Banners (2003) 2004 NBDIP Minor Project
Boulevard on Reading Road (6/13/02) 2003-2004 Community Priority Request
Reading Road Corridor Plan (12/2001) Ordinance No. 042-2002
Purchase/Development of SW corner Reading and Section Intersection (10/9/85) Roselawn Community Urban Redevelopment Corporation (ROCURC)

Roselawn Park

Walking Track (2004) 2005-2006 Community Priority Request
Walking Track (2/03 Proposal to Cinergy Foundation
Walking Track (6/13/02) 2003-2004 Community Priority Request
Walking Track (3/13/01) Proposal to Cinergy Foundation
Walking Track (2000) 2001-2002 Community Priority Request
Ahimsa - Art about Non-Violence
Children's Art Camp (8/04) Greater Cincinnati Foundation
Tai Chi Class in the Park (9/04-11/04) INVEST Neighbor Network Merit Grant
Park Bench Design Competition (2003) Competitive grant from Educator's Pool
Park Bench Design Execution (2003) KCB/UDFcompetitive grant/Collaborative partnership
1000 Hands Playground (2002) Cincinnati Recreation Commission
Natural Insect Control Program Competitive grants from KCB/UDF
Bluebird Trail (2002)
Purple Martin House (2001)
Eastlawn Entrance Garden (2001) INVEST Neighbor Network Merit Grant
Initiatives to Enhance/Renew Tree Stock
Serviceberry for Parking Lot (2004) Hamilton County Parks gift
Parking Lot Trees (2003) INVEST Neighbor Network Merit Grant
Redbuds for Seymour Entrance (2003) Spring Re-Leaf
Hedge maples and magnolias (2002) Spring Re-Leaf
Bobbie Stern Memorial Tree (2002) Park Board
Kousa dogwoods: Eastlawn Entrance (2001) Spring Re-Leaf
21 Flowering Crabapples (2001) Park Board gift
Tree Recognition Program (2001) NSP Beautification

For additional information, please inquire through this website or by telephone to the Community Council office answering machine, 513-821-8918.

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