The Roselawn Youth                                 Committee's Mission

The Roselawn Youth program provides educational and recreational opportunities for children who reside in Roselawn or who attend Roselawn-Condon School .

The Youth Program was started in 1991 as a grassroots initiative designed to create protective factors for the youth of Roselawn. In the modern urban environment, these factors are not as prevalent as in the past. Today, the Roselawn Youth Program is a beacon not only for youth, but also for the businesses, residents and organizations of the Roselawn area. Together, we are creating a network of protective factors that will enable Roselawn to continue to be a healthy place to live, work and grow.

The Youth Committee is responsible to the Roselawn Community Council Trustees.

The Committee provides:

Resource Development

The committee has successfully obtained numerous grants to fund the program including a United Way Agency designation.