Roselawn Community Council Membership Meeting

Thursday, November 10, 2023


CALL TO ORDER � Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM by Vice President Nancy Sunnenberg.


MINUTES of October 13, 2023 Meeting approved.


NSP 2006 PROPOSAL:� modeled on projected budget $7000 presented to membership by Tricia Davis.

����������������������� Category/Project��������������� NSP Cap������ 06 Proposal

����������� I.��������� Office (phone, PO Box)����� $ 1,000��������� �� 500

����������� II.�������� Newsletter���������������������������� $ 4,000��������� 3,000

����������� III.������� Program Consultant����������������������������������������������� 1,250�

����������� IV.������ Beautification���������������������������������������������� �� 500

����������� V.������� Tax/Audit������������������������������ $���� 500�������� �� 500

����������� VI.������ D&O Liability Ins����������������������������������������� 1,150

����������� VII.����� Web Site������������������������������������������������������� ���� 50

����������� VIII.���� Membership������������������������� $ 1,000��������� ���� 50

����������������������� TOTALS������������������������������� $ 6,500��������� 7,000


NSP Voting Rules:� residents of Roselawn, recorded by count of Y/N/A


__27___IN FAVOR ___0___OPPOSED����������� ___0___ABSTENTIONS


FIRE REPORT � Lt. Duncan, Truck 2; thanked voters for support on Issue 9; reminded everyone to be careful with candles and extension cords during holidays. Call 352-2302 for

C O meters and smoke detectors.


POLICE REPORT:� Specialist Charles Dukes stressed home protection, i.e. keep garage doors closed and newspapers picked up. District IV offers a free security survey. Overall crime rates dropped in October. Also warned of phony Bengals tickets floating around.


Continuing program with Seniors�all are welcome to attend the movie the 1st Thursday of the month.� Also suggested involvement in the Court Watch program.




LIBRARY:� Proposed Combination of Roselawn and Bond Hill Branches at Community Action Agency� - Guest Speaker, Kim Fender, also present: Rick Ryan, Central Regional Manager. New library will be 12,000 sq. ft; and will provide a full service branch. Assured it is not a done deal! Much discussion of both pros and cons followed by membership.


EDUCATION:� Proposed Roselawn Condon Community Learning Center � next meeting Tuesday, December 6, 6 PM at RC School. Planning will continue over 60-90 days, will interview architects in January.






Charles Houston:� Stressed need to re-form Cpop Team


Carole Douglas � provided fitness activity schedule for Bond Hill Rec. Center; also announced that Carthage Rec Center has a weight room available after Thanksgiving.



RCC Leadership Opportunities:

   Beautification (Chair)

   CNBDU Rep

   Law & Safety (Chair)

   Membership (Chair)

   NSP Manager



Wednesday, November 16, 2023

Roselawn Lutheran Church��������� 2pm


NEWSLETTER deadline � November 18

All articles to Mary Donaldson � phone 821-9682 or email [email protected]


Meeting adjourned.


Barbara Kley, Secretary