Thanks to those who attended the Business Stakeholders Meeting at Roselawn Lutheran this afternoon (9/14/05).  Welcome to Darlene Kamine, CPS Learning Centers Consultant.  We look forward to a continuing conversation and partnership in the process of planning the development of Roselawn Condon School as a Community Learning Center.

Some highlights of the meeting for those who were unable to attend:

The 2005 SuperCan Clean Up September 23-26, 2005 (location: Northwood at Reading Road)-----The group discussed the reports of resistance/discomfort expressed by some business owners to this initiative.  Ed Moser explained that this discomfort might be the result of a property owner's inability to perform sign dismantling to bring signage into compliance with City Zoning Code.  Joe Dillhoff (OKI Bering) offered the services of his employees to assist in cutting and transporting signs to the Super Can during the four days of the event.  Please, share this information with anyone who might benefit from this offer.  Call me to coordinate on this:  821-7488, or reply to this email.  And Joe, thank you for offering your elegant solution WITHOUT HESITATION.  It is a pleasure to be on a team of problem- solvers.

Discussion of Roselawn Demographics from a Developer's Perspective-----Thank you to Marinko Gordanovic (Rose Valley Land Group) for delivering the demographic information.  Due to an unforeseen circumstance, the discussion will be held at the next meeting of this group, Wednesday October 12, 2023 at Roselawn Lutheran Church at 2pm.  Anyone wishing an advance copy of the Demographic Snapshot please contact Barb Kley at 821-5730.  The group asked that I make a special invitation to our Economic Development Officer, Rick Hardy, to attend this meeting to join the discussion.

The Roselawn Business District Complimentary Coupon Book-----Distribution of the full 200 copies in the run has been completed.  Our target population:  employees at TechSolve Park (Seymour at Paddock).  The expiry of the coupons is December 31, 2005.  Shortly thereafter, the participating merchants (Small's Hardware, Song Long Restaurant, Franklin Savings, The Legacy Banquet Center, and US Bank) will share the analysis of the data gathered with the community stakeholders.

Survey Results from It's Commonly Jazz concert August 25, 2005:  please review the results on the Roselawn website:

Benches and Banners:  Roselawn Identity-----Diego Jordan (City of Cincinnati, Dept. of Architecture and Urban Design) is in the process of developing numbers for the project.  Installation is planned before year-end.

Mark you calendar for the next meeting:  Wednesday October 12, 2023 2:00pm at Roselawn Lutheran Church. This meeting is open to all Roselawn Stakeholders. 

Nancy Sunnenberg