Recap of the Roselawn Business Committee Meeting October 12, 2023

      Benches and Banners Update: City workers have marked the five sites for bench installation.� The first installation will begin the week of October 17, 2023 at the Bus Stop on the NW corner of Reading and Section Roads.� This will replace the Bus Shelter, which was demolished and removed in 2004.� All five installations are planned to be completed by the end of the year.

      Follow-Up to 2005 SuperCan Business District CleanUp:� Claude Noe (City Supervisor of Buildings and Inspections) and Dave Hartinger (City Inspector) spent approximately three hours in the Roselawn Business District (Reading Road from Shenandoah to Summit) on Tuesday, 10/11/05 reviewing violations of code for obsolete signage and unsafe practice.� Their findings will be compiled later this week, and will be available to the Business Committee shortly thereafter.� Consensus among the meeting participants indicated that clean up of the Business District must lead the process of attracting new business development in the neighborhood. A repeat of SuperCan was suggested, with investment in a banner to more clearly identify the purpose of the installation.

       Pothole Inventory Reporting:� Please report pothole locations directly to Richard Weber, City � Sanitation and cc to Ed Valeska (City), Dan Henson (City), Eugene Brown (City) and Nancy Sunnenberg (RCC).� The list of email addresses follows:� [email protected],[email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected]

      2005 Make a Difference Day:� Saturday October 22

o        Strategic Headquarters: Roselawn Branch Library

o        General litter cleanup:� 9:30 � Noon

      Membership Campaign for Roselawn Businesses:� after discussion about the importance of the business stakeholdership in Roselawn participating actively in Roselawn Community Council business, the proposal to seek agreement from the RCC Trustees to apportionment of $10 of the $25 Business/Institutional Membership to specifically business expenditures was supported.

      Developer�s Perspective of Roselawn Demographics:� Marinko Gvozdanovic shared his interpretation of the Claritas Demographic Snapshot, with the warning that just as there are many ways to request demographic stats, there are many ways to interpret them.� That said, the report showed a significant percentage of households with incomes <$25K.� As a result of the discussion, we concluded that we need more information on the following items:

o        Secure specific information on the buying habits of existing populations in the area, including households with income <$25K, regardless of income source:� Marinko

o        Market Analysis:� contact Xavier University MBA Program about student participation in developing this information, and Liz Blume of CBI regarding �Neighborhoods of Choice�:� Diane Jordan

o        Curb Appeal Program, Cathy Atkinson of Victory Neighborhood Services:� unassigned

o        Keep Cincinnati Beautiful, Linda Holterhoff:� how can KCB assist further with Business District Clean Up?:� unassigned

NEXT MEETING:� Wednesday October 16, 2005� 2pmRoselawn Lutheran Church:� Food will be served.