Wednesday February 8, 2024 at 8am

Roselawn Lutheran Church Meeting Room


Present: Barb Kley, Nancy Sunnenberg, Bob Ingberg, Erv Hoffman (Roselawn Church), Regina Livers (Livers Consulting), Karen Wilkymacky (Franklin Savings), Elaine Butler (OKI Bering), Dorothea Miller (Buck Power LLC) and Hogarth Merrick.

v     Annual RCC Renewal� ::�� Business Membership $25

Encouraged people to sign up



v     Benches and Banners:� letter to Joe Clark, Sidewalk Mgr (City) about new installations by Bench Billboard Company

Letter has been sent from Michael Watson (at Trustees meeting) requesting a halt to the new benches that keep popping up on Reading Road.


v     Inspections Review of RBD

Letters have been sent from City (Dave Hardenger, Dept. of Buildings & Inspections) relevant to non-compliant signage.� Several have complied. Specifics were not available at meeting


v     MGMT 385:� XU/RCC Business District Collaboration

Xavier undergrad class is working with RCC to develop a complete business directory/inventory. This will be used on web site and other development purposes. Students are doing this for class credit.


v     2006 Neighborhood Summit Recap

Regina Livers, Erv Hoffman and Nancy Sunnenberg attended Friday evening and Saturday, and gave reports.


v     CPS Community Resource Center at Roselawn Condon School

o       Summer programming to gauge interest in after-school offerings

Nancy is going after grants to offer an art camp at the church� this summer for neighborhood children. The church is also part of this program. The program is also being looked at as something that could be used after school in the new school program. Considering survey for children to determine their preferences.

o       Hershey�s Ice Cream model � Easy way to have an ice cream shop, check web site:



Interesting discussion that followed: Rite Aid property � should it be seeded for this summer? Grass or wild flowers?????


How about using the property (with a letter of permission) for some summer events�neighborhood garage sale, flea market, ice cream social, mini carnival, etc.� Two or three businesses could go together to sponsor. More discussion next month.


Discussed NBD budget. New one begins July 1.




v     Roadway Repair/Maintenance Contact Info:

      Potholes:� [email protected]

      Sweeping:� [email protected]

v     RCC Winter 2005 Newsletter Surveys

v     RCC Leadership Openings:

o       NBD Manager��������������������������������� Website Chair

o       NSP Manager���������������������������������� RCC Business Chair


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