Notes from the November 16, 2023 Meeting of the Roselawn Business Committee at 2pm held at Roselawn Lutheran Church.
We will be preparing a Business Stakeholder Survey for publication in the final 2005 RCC Newsletter in the next few days to meet the copy deadline of 11/19/05.  We will be using some of our NBD Funds to finance part of the costs of publishing the newsletter, which will be delivered to ALL of the residential, and business addresses in Roselawn.
At the meeting today, we decided that there are two target audiences for this survey:  residents who we hope will tell us what they want and expect from their neighborhood businesses, and neighborhood businesses who are not actively participating in our efforts to improve the viability of our Roselawn Business District (the entire Business District, not limited to the span between Shenandoah and Summit).  If you do not bring your voice to the discussion who will express your perspective?  Our combined efforts can make a difference in the magnitude of the resources we can draw upon, both within our group and from outside our group.
If you have a question to include in the Business Stakeholder Survey as
Described above, please forward it without delay to me.
Our next Business Meeting will be in January, most likely a breakfast
meeting on January 6 at 8am.  We will want an RSVP on that date and time by December 5 to [email protected] so that the catering service can plan efficiently.  One item of business at that meeting will be the review of the Coupon Book placed with employees at TechSolve Office Park just after Labor Day.
Many of our Business Stakeholders are not on this email distribution.
Please share this information with them so that we can hold a viable
planning meeting on January 6.  Attendance is not limited to business

owners or business property owners.