Roselawn Business Association

Friday January 6, 2024 at 8am

Roselawn Lutheran Church Meeting Room


Updates on Projects in Process:

v    Annual RCC Membership Renewal::Business Members $25

v    Benches and Banners:� four benches installed December �05

[Reading Road @ CinFed (E), @Section (NW), @Northwood, @ Essex House (E)]:�

Wreaths courtesy of Funke�s Nursery (Gray Road)

v    Inspections Review of RBD

v    Roadway Repair/Maintenance Contact Info:

     Potholes:� [email protected]

     Sweeping:� [email protected]

v    Complimentary Coupon Book (9/1/05 � 12/31/05)

v    RCC Winter 2005 Newsletter Surveys

v    Leadership Openings:

o       NBD Manager

o       RCC Business Chair

o       Website Chair

o       NSP Manager


Marketplace Report:You Tell All

�..real estate transactions..�business expansions..�moves..�etc.....�



John Stalnaker (JLS Properties)


Roselawn Condon School Resource Center: January 10, 2006�� 6pm

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